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My(OXB) Memberships & Subscriptions


In order to better connect with our Obnoxious Behavior (OXB) customers on a personal level and to make our customers online & "in-store" shopping experience easier with less random browsing we have created personalized services through our members services, My (OXB). Our Traveling Retail Team of Obnoxious Behavior doesn’t give us enough  time in one area to build a relationship with our customer face-to-face on a regular basis. We are a company that was and is being created by some of the best at face-to-face relationships. These programs allows us to better know our customers needs and wants and make our online store just a cozy as a showroom or retail store. Now our Roadside Kiosks & From The Road Festival Kiosks will be staffed with living breathing personable people but our technology will allow you to use all the services of our website at any kiosk, face-to-face. 

My(OXB) is a loyalty and subscription program for those that love their passions and don’t mind expressing it. Proud of those Grandbabies, Dogs, Baseball Player, Quilting Club or Tractor - Your Passions!

My(OXB) is just what it says, My Obnoxious Behavior, yours!


JOIN OUR FREE CLICK CLUB BELOW  BUT SEE ALL CLUBS THAT ARE LISTED FOLLOWING THE APPLICATION. You can always upgrade & downgrade your membership later so join our FREE ClickClub today.  We only have the ClickClub open for new members at this time.  We will slowly open other clubs & subscription programs as we see the current programs operate and they work effectively.  Hopefully our next release will be Monday April 16th by 4:00PM.  Join The CLICKCLUB today and be the first to know and see these awesome services and new products. 

( This will soon be on the registration page with less detail & video infomercials)


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My(OXB) CLICK CLUB Membership Outline

Membership is obtained by supplying Obnoxious Behavior with your mobile phone number, name & email address. To properly activate the account to receive the benefits detailed below. You may cancel your account at anytime.


  • All Click Club Members receive 5% Off All Orders Place on My(OXB)  App or My(OXB) .com
  • Access to Creative Collaboration Groups for design & idea suggestions & feedback.
  • Customizable Member Profile to receive passion driven designs.
  • Discounts on the (OXBusiness) Network.
  • 20% OFF Custom Printed Greeting Cards, PostCards, Invites, Banners, Posters from (OXBusiness)
  • Advanced access to all (OXB) & TheRealTazCable Blogs & Reviews.

  MY(OXBox) Monthly Subscriptions & Mailers

POSTCARDS 11.99 (10 - 20 Cards Annually)

MUG ONLY $17.99 (15oz)

Seasonal Type Tees $24.99

Sa’Prize Ya’ll: $19.99

My(OXBox) Can Be Gifted and the shipping address can be changed 7 days prior to the monthly print. We will notify you 24 hours before print day each month. 

Members would pay a monthly subscription fee billed monthly. Memberships canceled 30 days before custom items are placed in production. Canceled memberships will have downgrade options before canceling.



  • (OXBox) of PostCards: Beautifully or Creatively designed postcards from the road shipped to your home or office so you can mail them to friends and family or frame and keep. Your friends will think you are a world traveler. We will mail them individually and handwrite your message for $2 additional per card. You can decide this upto 7 days before production. Your membership pages will be available on our site once you become a member of this service. 
  • (OXBox) Of MUGS - Receive a different mug every month randomly selected from your collaboration locker or you can set up account up for Sa'Prized Creations. 
  • (OXBox) Season Tees - Receive 3 Long Sleeve, 1 Sweatshirt & 8 Tee Shirts over the year. Once you become a member you will see the Members only page that will display the production schedule for each month & what is scheduled to ship. 
  • (OXBox) Sa'Prize! - Each month it will be different a little bit of everything you will see each month. Something from all three of our (OXBox) Subscriptions. You will see the production schedule and will have the same benefits for each (OXBox) of the month. Example May we are sending (OXBox) of Post Cards as a Sa'Prize you could then have the same benefits as the monthly subscribers do and so on for the Mugs and shirts when you are schedule to receive them. 
ALL (OXBox) Subscribers Benefits Include 
  • Unlimited Social Media Graphics that can be edited online, personalized by you and downloaded for printing & sharing. 
  • All Premium Member receive 20% off All Orders Placed on My(OXB) App or
  • All Click Club Benefits
  • Collaboration Credits With Designers - no sure what to say, do, buy, give or get for yourself you can chat with a designer to get ideas, see ideas and be apart of the design process.
  • Intellectual Cash Back  - When we help you bring your creations to life you can choose to make your creation private or you earn cash back rewards by making your creation available to Members, VIP Members, Non-Members or (OXBusiness) Members. 
  • Unlimited Free Personalization requests - our designs, your information. You don’t see the design you want on the item that you want, make a request. No obligation to buy.
  • Unlimited Design Requests - have an idea for a shirt? Need one for a special occasion or homecoming? We will design it just for you.
  • 24/7 Members Only Site Wide Customizing Online Tool- You will not see this service until you reach this membership level. Available on on all our items expect our licensed collections.   
  • Free Gift With Annual Membership